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When it comes to civic life, D is the destination for locals who frankly give a damn.

D Magazine was founded for the leadership class of Dallas. Today, tens of thousands of these esteemed individuals start their day with Frontburner, D’s daily blog about local politics, media, news, and culture. Produced by D’s digital editors and the editors of D Magazine, Frontburner was the first media blog in Dallas, and its audience is a veritable who’s who of local influencers. On the print side, D Magazine serves this community with New Yorker-style short essays in “Talk,” as well as investigative pieces, profiles, and long-form local journalism. We engage this community face-to-face, hosting town hall meetings to discuss political and cultural issues, and gathering next generation leaders for D-branded networking events. Our leadership program, D Academy, provides a yearlong immersion in the workings of Dallas, in an effort to develop civic players among creatives, techies, education reformers, and social entrepreneurs.

Highlights from our Election Night at the Granada event, on Nov. 6, 2012, in Dallas.

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