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D’s trusted reviews and criticism have created multiple audiences across the full spectrum of the arts.

D Magazine has been covering the art and culture scene for nearly 40 years, with reviews, essays, and recommendations. FrontRow, our daily website launched in 2010 under the direction of editor Peter Simek, provides local music, art, dance, theater, opera, and symphony reviews, as well as television and film coverage. Editor Chris Moseley offers his popular “What To Do Today” recommendations on FrontBurner each morning, directing thousands of loyal followers to his picks for the best in the city.’s guide to local events and venues features thousands of searchable options for our active online audience. FrontRow has also assumed a leadership role in cultural discussions city-wide, hosting town halls, intelligence series, movie screenings, and digital debates on cultural issues of the day. These offer sponsors direct access to the leadership class, the arts community, and art patrons of the city. In addition, FrontRow also has become a hubspot for the millennial set, and the source for imaginative, unforgettable events featuring music, art, food and drink in original settings, all of which are available for sponsors interested in gaining market share in the Dallas region.

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