The Dallas Opera

About The Dallas Opera

Since its 1957 inaugural concert with the legendary Maria Callas, The Dallas Opera has made a national and international name for itself by discovering new world-class talents and enhancing the careers of important artists, directors, and designers.

Why They Choose D

The Dallas Opera and D Magazine share a home in the Dallas Arts District. We share something else, too. The same audience. So, when The Dallas Opera develops their annual marketing plan, D is at the top of their list. Through an integrated program that includes print, online, email newsletters, and event partnerships, The Dallas Opera is able to engage D’s affluent, arts-loving readers on all levels. Aligning with D’s FrontRow has been particularly beneficial for the opera. “FrontRow has been a game changer for arts coverage in Dallas. D has been successful in fostering a willingness to participate that is very unique. The way the community engages with FrontRow is different than any other arts media in Dallas. That sort of engagement is key for us,” said Elizabeth Czimskey, marketing manager for The Dallas Opera.

Our metrics prove that sponsoring D’s FrontRow Weekly Newsletter drives traffic and ticket sales. It’s been a no-brainer for us.
Elizabeth Czimskey
Marketing Manager
The Dallas Opera

The Dallas Opera Plan

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